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Physical Therapy - Feldenkrais

Who can Benefit?

The great joy of Feldenkrais is that anyone can benefit, no matter what your age, level of fitness, state of health, size or shape. The following categories give more information about some of the particular circumstances where Feldenkrais can help you.

Post Trauma

You may have had a physical accident or emotional/mental shock. Equally you may be recovering from an illness or operation. Your condition may be short term or long term. Some examples are post stroke, recovery from broken bones, arthritis, frozen shoulder, post spinal fusion operation, Parkinson's disease etc. Feldenkrais offers real help in restoring or maintaining movement, and reducing stress, tension, stiffness and pain.

Wilfred van Dorp gives an individual Feldenkrais session

The Demands of Your Daily Life

Many jobs require long periods of sitting in one place eg behind a computer or driving. Also standing for a long time or repeatedly carrying out the same bending or turning movements. Modern life also places much greater stress on our bodies as time pressures pile up. The result often is pain or stiffness in your back, neck, shoulders or elsewhere. Feldenkrais work, whether individual sessions or group classes, address your posture and open up far more possibilities in how to expand your movement repertoire. You are in a far better place to be able to cope with your daily life.

Maintaining Sporting Performance without Injury

You enjoy running, walking, exercising, dancing, staying fit etc but niggling injuries keep holding you back. Feldenkrais establishes the foundation of good posture and breathing together with a fuller repertoire of movement possibilities, so reducing the likelihood of injury or misuse during your performance.

An exciting new development I am working on is how to combine Feldenkrais with gym work, with or without weights. Kettlebells and club bells can be included in some Feldenkrais movement sequences to add variety and to introduce multi-dimensional sequences which promote functional fitness. The challenge is to use weights or resistance whilst still maintaining a flowing and connected functional movement. Exploring stability and mobility from a Feldenkrais perspective allows the development of easier transitioning between these two without compromising good form or safety.

Maintaining Mobility during Ageing

You are getting older and have accumulated poor movement habits which are reducing your capacity to move with ease and comfort. Feldenkrais lessons restore or arrest your decline in your mobility. With greater freedom of movement ageing happens at a slower pace. With greater physical freedom your mind becomes more flexible and aware of the choices open to you.