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Physical Therapy - Feldenkrais with Wilfred van Dorp

Feldenkrais offers you the essence of good, well-coordinated movement. So moving becomes less a question of limitation, discomfort and pain and more about freedom, flexibility and greater confidence in the ability of your body to support you in your activities. It restores lost fluidity and the capacity to make choices and move spontaneously in any given direction you wish. I have worked full time with this approach for well over 20 years and I am one of the most experienced practitioners in the UK.

Your movement can become compromised in a number of different ways. Perhaps you have had an accident or an operation or illness. Often the demands of daily life simply place too much stress and strain, whether physical or emotional, on your body. Or maybe you are healthy and want to explore how you can maintain or extend your movement potential. Whatever your motivation my practical, results orientated approach opens the door to more comfortable, easier and more enjoyable ways of moving.

Wilfred van Dorp gives an individual Feldenkrais session

In one to one sessions I dedicate my attention to your specific needs. During the first session I will get an overview of how you currently organise your movement and will discuss how we can work together to bring about an improvement. I use gentle touch to offer your nervous system new ways to organise your movement. This process gives you more options in how you move and helps to release you from deeply ingrained movement patterns which no longer serve you well. If appropriate I will give you some movement sequences to practise at home, between sessions, which I have chosen specifically to address your personal needs. These movement sequences help to consolidate the process of learning to move in a more beneficial way and to bring about enduring change.

I also offer weekly group classes and occasional workshops. These provide an opportunity to work with the many hundreds of wonderful structured movement sequences devised by Moshe Feldenkrais and other teachers to give you a fuller and richer repertoire of movement possibilities.

I am a member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK which regulates the profession in the UK. The Guild ensures that the public benefits from the highest standards of service. I work to a strict Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

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