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Wilfred greatly helped me through his individual hands on work with some severe neck and back troubles that had been ongoing for some time, that no one else could help with. Still follow his Awareness Through Movement classes on zoom and will always be my first line of approach in future for any hands-on work (on another level!). Light years ahead of some of the other approaches! (D S )

I walked into a session with Wilfred with a bad limp, thanks to straining the medial collateral ligaments in both knees just over a week ago in a skiing accident, but walked out moving almost freely with no limp. Amazing how this therapy can free up and retrain your body to move correctly. The lessons I learned from the work we did in Wilfred’s class beforehand will hopefully enable me to keep progressing to full rehabilitation. Wish I lived a bit closer. It's a long way to come from Kenya! But when I am back in the UK I always make time for some classes or one-to-one sessions with Wilfred. (J S)

I feel safe when Wilfred is working with me. He has sorted out my back when I had sciatica/muscle spasms in an acute phase. I am convinced that working with him long term has delayed the hip replacement the GP offered over a year ago that I have not had. (J E)

Zoom classes. My wife has said that she can see I am walking better as a result of Wilfred's work. What I have noticed is that during the lesson I have to concentrate on what Wilfred is asking me to do. This helps me to centre, focus and relax. (J E)

Feldenkrais has made a huge difference in my life over the years. It's a unique approach which helps me to move more comfortably and continue to do the things I most enjoy. I feel fortunate to work with Wilfred. He's one of the top Feldenkrais practitioners in the UK. His dedication to the work is amazing. (C A)