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Nutritional Advice with Wilfred van Dorp

With a degree in nutrition from the University of London I am well placed to offer you personalised, specialist nutritional advice if you have a medical condition with a nutritional component. Such conditions include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, decline in mental functioning (such as Alzheimers) decline in physical functioning (such as loss of energy or libido), arthritis etc. Equally I can help if you have a family history of such an illness and want to use your nutrition to give you an advantage in avoiding developing the condition.

There is so much information available today on what to eat or what not to eat, but much of it is confusing, contradictory or based on assertion alone rather than solid evidence of effectiveness. As they are commercial enterprises some companies also show bias in promoting their own products.

I can offer you individual advice based on my own intensive personal research. You will save hours of your own time. I can sift fact from fiction and incorporate leading edge research backed by rigorous scientific studies or long-term traditional usage. I will also tailor my advice to your personal needs and suited to your lifestyle.



As we age our digestive systems find it more difficult to extract the nutrients they need from our foods. Large quantities may be needed to give the body the nutrients it requires, but this places great stress on our systems. It makes sense to consume foods which are extremely high in essential nutrients to give us the best chance of obtaining sufficient nutrients for optimum healthy functioning. Superfoods provide nutrients in a condensed format and as such are an important element in our daily diet.

Nutritional Supplements

Sometimes eating well may not be enough to give your body the nutritional support it needs for optimum functioning. This is because factors such as stress, genetic predisposition, age or illness may compromise your digestion as well as the assimilation and elimination of nutrients in your food. In such circumstances it may be appropriate to take nutritional supplements to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs.

Dietary supplements can be a very convenient and cost effective way of supporting your nutrition if your eating habits are erratic, for example when you are travelling or if you have a hectic lifestyle which leaves you short of time to prepare nutritious meals. Concentrated foods or extracts can act on your system in therapeutic ways where it would not be practical to eat the foodstuff itself in sufficient quantities to make a difference. For example, one capsule of pomegranate extract is equivalent to eating 24 fruits or drinking a half to one litre of pomegranate juice. We source our nutritional supplements from the best suppliers around the world, so you can be assured that you are getting a quality product.