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Homoeopathy with Wilfred van Dorp

Homoeopathy is the art and science of using medicine to stimulate the capacity of your own body to overcome illnesses. It works on the principle of treating "like with like" in order to boost the natural self-healing mechanisms of the body without any toxic side effects. The medicines are used in dilute form and are safe to take by all patients.

The system was developed on a scientific basis over 200 years ago by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann, although the principles date back to ancient Greece. The approach has therefore stood the test of time well.

Homoeopathy treats the whole person, not simply the illness which is manifesting itself. I will take the time to get to know you as an individual with your unique attributes, so that I can bring my skill and experience to bear in choosing remedies which will work for you personally. The ability to match an individual client to a remedy needs years of study and helps to explain why general remedies bought over the counter might not be effective. I obtained my diploma in homoeopathy from the Hahnemann College of Homoeopathy in 1983 and have been in practice for over 30 years.

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